In 1842 Trieste saw the inauguration of a building that was so important and majestic, that it was named after the city itself: Palazzo Tergesteo.

Palazzo Tergesteo lies in the heart of Trieste, next to two buildings that are symbols of the city: Palazzo della Borsa (the Stock Exchange Building) as the centre of local economy, and Giuseppe Verdi Opera House as the centre of the cultural life. Before Palazzo Tergesteo was build, its area had been occupied by the Palazzo della Dogana (Customs House) and before that by the Palazzo del Governo (Government Building) of Trieste.
At a few steps from Palazzo Tergesteo is one of the most beautiful squares in Italy – Piazza Unità d’Italia. Its historic cafés, elegant shops and magnificent Habsburg buildings from the sixteenth and seventeenth century make this area the ideal place for shopping, business meetings or relaxing strolls.

Palazzo Tergesteo is not only a masterpiece of Neoclassical architecture, but also a building of historic and cultural interest, since it has been part of local history ever since the mid-nineteenth century.

Il Restauro del Tergesteo