Tergesteo Today

The building has four floors, plus the ground floor and the mezzanine, with attic apartments located on the fourth floor.

The ground floor is destined to shops, while the upper floors are divided into apartments for office and residential use.

The building is made of four units separated by a covered Greek cross-shaped arcade, or passage. The building can be accessed on all four sides: four accesses to the arcade (two in Piazza della Borsa and Piazza Verdi, and two in Via del Teatro and Via Einaudi) and four accesses to the four residential units (two in Via Einaudi and two in Via del Teatro).

The building is a typical historic building, with its high piano nobile and its lower mezzanine facing the arcade. The ground floor is destined to shops and has a barrel vault structure with frescos and bas-relief decorations.

The modern iron and glass arcade ceiling differs from Tergesteo Neoclassical style and highlights the European dimension of Trieste, recalling the Galleria De Cristoforis arcade in Milan, as well as the passages in Paris and the Burlington Arcade in London.

The redevelopment of Piazza della Borsa and Via Einaudi pedestrian area contributed to turn Palazzo Tergesteo into an extraordinary point of reference for local people’s shopping and leisure and into an attraction for approximately 800,000 tourists visiting Trieste every year.

gallery palazzo tergesteo