Trieste History

Trieste finds its origins in the ancient Roman Tergeste, a small twon that later grew and developed until it assumed the privileged role of port of the Habsburg Empire in the rich eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Trieste is a melting pot of cultures from central and eastern Europe, creating the unique atmosphere you can sense when strolling around its streets.

The city was home to famous artists like Umberto Saba, Boris Pahor, Giorgio Strehler and James Joyce, whose statue stands out on the Ponterosso (Red Bridge) of the Canal Grande.

The city lies between the Karst and the sea, and has a waterfront starting in the famous Piazza Unità and Molo Audace, running along the Barcola Riviera and reaching the majestic Castle of Miramare.

Nowadays, the Castle is a Museum that unites medieval, gothic and Renaissance elements. With its breath-taking view of the sea and magnificent Park, it has attracted visitors from all over the world.

Behind Piazza Unità is San Giusto hill, where a prehistorical Castelliere (fortified village) was built and where Trieste originated. The Cathedral, the Castle and the several archaeological finds still available represent the ancient history of Trieste.

Scegliere Trieste - La Storia